5 Simple Habits to Boost Your Health

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Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is worth the effort, but many people feel confused about how to get started. The good news is that making healthy choices can be simple and affordable. In fact, small changes can often lead to significant improvements. By making time for these five habits, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

Declutter Your Home for Your Health

Living in a disorganized home can actually have an impact on your health. Dealing with clutter every day can create feelings of pessimism and stress you out, and chronic stress can increase your risk of disease. In addition, a cluttered home is more likely to harbor pests, allergens, and germs.

Spend More Time Outside

Spending more time outdoors is one of the easiest ways to improve your health without spending a dime. Getting fresh air is free, and the health benefits are endless! Going outside reduces your risk of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, lowers inflammation, boosts your immune system, and increases brain function.

The perks are limitless, and you don’t have to spend a cent. Taking an evening walk around your neighborhood or enjoying your morning coffee on the porch are easy ways to adopt this healthy habit.

Eat Your Greens

According to Eating Well, only one out of every four Americans eats enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Making it a point to include more vegetables and leafy greens in your diet can help lower your blood pressure, ease depression, and reduce your chances of developing heart disease or cancer.

Wondering how to eat more greens and satisfy your taste buds at the same time? Salad doesn’t have to be boring. Try making a delicious, low-calorie dressing with ingredients you already have in your kitchen, and pack your salad with protein like grilled chicken, baked tofu, or chickpeas. Alternatively, you could toss a cup of spinach into your morning smoothie, or whip up stir fry with cooked greens.

Try Yoga

If you want to start exercising, but you’re not quite ready to commit to running or lifting weights, you might enjoy gentle yoga sequences. You could check out a class at a local studio, or you could just practice at home. For guidance, you can follow along with routines from a fitness app or YouTube video. If you’re a total beginner, take it slow, and don’t stress if you can’t hold a particular pose – just be patient with yourself and move in a way that feels good for your body.

Take Your Vitamins

If you’re eating a nutritious diet, you may not need to take daily multivitamins, but there are a few supplements that everyone should consider. For example, many people do not consume enough vitamin B12, so taking it in supplement form can help you avoid deficiencies. Other useful supplements like CoQ10 can reduce fatigue and give you a major energy boost.

Sometimes, it seems like leading a healthy lifestyle is out of reach. If you’re wondering where to begin your journey towards healthy living, start with these five habits. You’ll notice positive changes with little effort, and with time, these practices will become second nature.

Article by Jennifer McGregor

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5 Simple Habits to Boost Your Health

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is worth the effort, but many people feel confused about how to get started. The good news is that making healthy


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