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Health coaching based upon a holistic Functional Medicine approach

The Foundational pieces
for Health and wellness

Personalized support to help you find your way around core lifestyle factors for health and wellness
Sleep tips


Create rituals to help you obtain optimal sleep


Develop enjoyable movement and exercise habits


Develop daily habits to manage your stress


Understand how to nurture your relationships


Develop healthier eating habits


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Helping you to achieve lasting lifestyle changes that lead you to vibrant health

Health & wellness coaching

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The best way to know if health coaching is right for you is to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me. During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle goals to determine how best I can support you in achieving them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is about having an accountability partner who will support and encourage you through those difficult times when you feel like quitting. A health coach provides guidance and inspiration to continue moving forward so you can achieve your health goals.

No matter what health conditions or health objectives you may have, a health coach encourages you to recognize that living a thriving life is about making healthy choices that positively impact your mental, physical, and emotional health. A health coach will walk by your side as you make the specific lifestyle changes that will ultimately result in improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you are struggling with a health challenge and you are looking for a lifestyle solution then a health coach can really help you take the necessary action to develop and sustain these new lifestyle changes. Many people know what they should be doing but find it hard to do it on a consistent basis. This is very normal and its why coaches are so important if we really want to get the job done.

Your package includes an initial longer 60 minute session where we will clarify your objectives and create a plan of action for the remaining 6 sessions of coaching which last 30 minutes. These sessions are normally held once a week either in person if you live in the Paris area or via online video for those who live anywhere else in the world.

The coaching package gives you coaching support for around two months. This is a good length of time to help you create and build your new lifestyle habits.

You may decide to renew the coaching at this time which is quite normal and depends on your needs.

During this time you will have unlimited access to me via email so you can ask me questions during the entire length of your coaching program. I am here to help you throughout your wellness coaching journey.

I will also set up a coaching space on CoachNow where I can easily share information with you in the form of videos , audio and PDF’s. I have a vast library of supporting documents on all the various lifestyle areas like nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the coaching.

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