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Mark’s library of techniques

To raise your understanding of what is going on for you right now including your stengths and areas for improvement. Also getting clear about what you want to achieve with the coaching process.

Mark works with a variety of types of meditation so he can find the technique that works best for each individual. These techniques help calm the nervous system and bring on the relaxation response.

various types so everyone can find one that works for them
Body scan, guided visualisations, breath awareness, mindfulness.

Stretching and simple body movement practices
Learning how to move and hold your body to help you manage your state.

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT (Energy Psychology)
This is a powerful therapeutic technique which uses acupressure (tapping on yourself with your fingers a specific points) to relax and calm our whole nervous system. It is also a very effective way to change unhelpful belief’s.  

Understanding what your values are and how you can align yourself AND YOUR ACTIONS with them is a big part of feeling good in the world.

Simple and powerful ways of thinking that to help us understand that it is our interpretation of what happens that leads us to feel how we do. Then learning how we can change our interpretations so we feel better and more impowered.

Beliefs will either support or hinder our progress through life. When we can identify and optimize our beliefs so they help us thrive we have a great tool for success in life.

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